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DO-254, Design Assurance Guidance for Airborne Electronic Hardware, specifies the requirements for a process of design assurance and certification. It provides guidance for design assurance in airborne electronic hardware (AEH) to ensure safe operation.

ZXZYZ develops a DO-254 compliant process for the design of FPGAs. Through ZXZYZ's education, consulting, certified IP development, and design services, DO-254 is manageable cost risk for FPGA projects.

ZXZYZ involves in the various activities of the hardware life cycle for complex electronic hardware (CEH) in planning, development, and correctness processes. In parallel to these three processes is the verification and validation process.

ZXZYZ developes the plan for hardware aspects of certification (PHAC) for achieving DO-254 certification. PHAC summarizes the system's functionality, its architecture, the hardware and validation process, and for levels A to C, verifies fail-safe operation of the system using different redundancy strategies.

FPGAs possess seperate functional failure paths (FFPs). A unique FFP for FPGA, similar to SRAMs is susceptibility to single-event upsets (SEUs). ZXZYZ prepares Hardware Safety Assessment, advices various mitigation techniques, and recommendeds SEU mitigation strategy must be selected

ZXZYZ offers expertise in Hardware Design Process: Requirements capture, Conceptual design, Detailed design, Implementation, Production transition, Validation and verification, Configuration management, Process assurance, Certification liaison.

Stages of involvement (SOI) reviews

Tool Assesement and Qualification

Traceability, and traceability matrix

The DO-254 standard refers to artifacts, which are documents, reports, results, standards, or design files that are developed or generated as part of the development process

Process Documents

HArS Hardware Archive Standards
HCS Hardware Coding Standards
HDS Hardware Design Standards
RS Requirements Standards
VVS Validation & Verification Standards
ATP Acceptance Test Plan
HCMP Hardware Configuration Management Plan
HDP Hardware Design Plan
HPAP Hardware Process Assurance Plan (QA Plan)
HValP Hardware Validation Plan
HVerP Hardware Verification Plan
PHAC Plan for Hardware Aspects of Certification
HR Hardware Requirements
HATC Hardware Acceptance Test Criteria
HECI Hardware Environment Configuration Index
SLR System Level Requirements
CDD Conceptual Design Data
DDD Detailed Design Data
EAR Elemental Analysis Results
FFPA Functional Failure Path Analysis
HAS Hardware Accomplishment Summary
HDRD Hardware Design Representation Data
HVR Hardware Verification Results
SSA System Safety Assessment
SVR System Verification Results
VVD Validation and Verification Data
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