System on Module framework

ZXZYZ SoM Framework converts any FPGA project to SoM instantly. Whether it is a new project or existing product, ZXZYZ SoM Framework will integrate seamlessly.

Unique features of our framework enable your product to be superior in the market with little effort and knowledge required.

Product Highlights

  • Manage your product from anywhere and over any media.
  • No need for installations, downloads. All you need is a browser and internet connection.
  • Real time monitoring over secure websocket protocol.
  • No firewall or connection limitaiton as it uses well known https protocol.
  • Manage theoritically infinite number of product over one browser window. Just type the IP address of the product and get connected instantly.
  • No propriaty protocol. Future-proof interface.
  • Clear API for automation of control and monitoring.
  • Easy sytem upgrades and maintenance

See our demo product for further evalation