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While we have a strong presence in ASIC and Board design, our strength is in FPGA design. We are specialised in FPGA design and focused on Xilinx FPGAs. We have successfully delived over 20 full-cycle FPGA projects in the past where each one was distingushed by its superiority and exceeded client expectations, and even Xilinx limits.

With the rare capabilities of running fully utilized, large size FPGAs at 470MHz system clocks, we are dedicated to provide complete, turnkey FPGA design services. Our years of combined experince in Software, data communication and Hardware design gives us the edge to deliver an entire System on Chip (Zynq) in house with superior futures. Our FPGA Project Management Template is hardened, optimized and tailored for FPGA Projects during years of FPGA design and eliminates the guessing, discovering, learning curve, process improving, correcting, recovering, reexecuting, or respinning efforts for us and our clients.



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