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From project planning to delivery, a well-maintained product performs better. And when our clients need expert support, we’re ready to make their project delivered at their best. Along with our Management and Design groups, our consulting (Advanced Development) group is our knowledge database. They drive innovation, provide solutions, improve process and product quality, solve customers technical problems and mentor client for better design techniques. Our consultants ensure both design and management teams deliver best products and services by offering sophisticated knowledge and guidiance.


  • Landing Gear control and monitor Hardware and FPGAs
  • Engine control and monitor Hardware and FPGAs
  • Wireless aircraft maintenance and control network Hardware and FPGAs
  • Develop standards and implement process based on DO-254
  • DO-254, DOORS, Traceability

Digital Signal Processing

  • Variable Rate Cubic and 5th order Lagrange Interpolator
  • Upsampling, Downsampling, Fixed rate and Multi-rate digital signal processing, Matched Filters, RRC, Nyquist, Half-band filter
  • Quad Modulator
  • IF Modulator
  • Phase Accumulator
  • IQ Calibration
  • 3rd order Volterra Equalizer
  • Differentiator
  • Integrator
  • FIR and IIR Filter Design
  • Matlab analysis
  • Image Processing
    • M


  • Satellite Communication
  • DVB-S2 Digital Video Broadcasting - Satellite - Second Generation
  • GSE Generic Stream Encapsulation, Mode and Stream adaptation
  • FEC Forward error correction, BCH and LDPC, Bit Mapper, QPSK 32APSK Modulator
  • Phsical Layer Framer
  • SpaceWire (IEEE1355) RTL
  • Wireless Communication
  • GSM
  • CDR Charging Software (C/UNIX)
  • CDR Charging Operation, Billing, Rating Operation (BSCS)
  • Phase2+ SIM Feature Management (GSM11.14)
  • ME-SIM Interface, GSM 11.11 (SIM - ME) interface
  • Roaming Data processing, EDI operation
  • HLR Home location register, VLR, MSC or 800 applications
  • BSC-BTS Line Planning software
  • GSM 7.05 with MS TSPI, MSVC++
  • GSM 3.40 and deployed GSM Short Message server
  • GSM ME Client Application software
  • GSM SMS Server
  • SS7
  • Call Control, ISUP
  • TCAP and MAP layers
  • OAM software for managing MTP, SCCP
  • TMN
  • Redundancy, Fault Logs, Network Alarm modules
  • Distibuted systems

Data Communication

Database Administration Management

  • Oracle, SQLServer, MySQL, Sybase, Gupta, MS Access, Clipper
  • RDBMS DBA (Oracle, Gupta)
  • Oracle SQL, SQLPlus, PL/SQL

Field Oriented Control

Tool Clearcase Configuration Management Environment Windows Linux EMbedded SoC SoM Standard Procedure
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